15.11.2019, Mainz, Germany

SCHOTT Illuminates Single-Use Endoscopes with New and Easy-to-Handle Product Line

The SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide plug-and-play illumination solution for single-use endoscopes is the first member of a new modular product family based on fiber optics.

Fiber optic lighting specialist SCHOTT has developed the SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide illumination solution, a plug-and-play light guide that allows easy and fast installation into a complete system. Thanks to the space-saving integration of flexible glass fibers, the illumination product delivers the maximum amount of light to the exact spot needed. The new solution also reduces heat transmission to enable easier registration with regulatory authorities. The development marks SCHOTT’s first entrance into the single-use endoscope market. SCHOTT will present its innovations for single-use endoscopes at the medical device trade show COMPAMED, November 18–21, 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany (Hall 8b, Stand H08).
“Our new SCHOTT® SingleEZ concept not only makes integrating illumination based on glass optical fibers easier, but also introduces the advantages of this technology to single-use endoscopes,” said Holger Werner, business development manager medical at SCHOTT Lighting & Imaging. “We offer first-class light quality where other illumination solutions such as direct LEDs or plastic fibers would reach their technical limits.”

Minimum diameter with maximum efficiency

Especially thin endoscopes such as bronchoscopes, rhinoscopes or uretheoscopes have very little space for illumination, leading to extremely limited outer diameters for light guides. The new SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide offers maximum light output by making the most use of the available space.

Regulated heat management

The SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide also improves product design by solving technical issues such as heat management in a cost-effective way. By transporting light through passive glass fibers, the fiber optic illumination solution separates the heat-generating LED light source from the tip of the endoscope. Keeping LEDs away from human tissue allows temperatures to stay below the critical threshold where tissue damage occurs. This also makes it easier to fulfill medial technology standards and regulatory requirements and enables faster approvals as well as a speedy market introduction.

High-quality light creates a better image

The SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide delivers a 120° light beam angle, which enables shadow-free illumination by exactly matching the imaging angle of the camera. The light guide also improves the color rendering index of the complete endoscope because light from a high quality light source is accurately brought to the point of action. This high image quality brings clear advantages: Precise images are the prerequisite for optimal tissue differentiation and meaningful diagnoses.

Reduced complexity

Glass optical fibers are sometimes overlooked as components for single-use devices because they require specialized handling during manufacturing and assembly. The plug-and-play nature of the SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide means it comes ready to incorporate into a complete endoscopic system. The ability to integrate this lighting solution without handling, grinding or polishing any fiber bundles allows innovation at a fast pace.

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