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Regarded as the standard for laboratories all over the world, the borosilicate 3.3 glass developed by SCHOTT DURAN®, is codified by the international standard ISO 3585:1998. It features excellant chemical and thermal shock resistance and very good transparency, making it ideal for a very wide range of applications including those requiring a Class 1 glass according to USP, EP and other pharmacopoeias.

Other materials used in the production of laboratory products include the SCHOTT glasses AR-Glas®, a soda lime glass and FIOLAX®, a 4.9 expansion neutral borosilicate glass.

AR-Glas® is a clear soda-lime hydrolitic class 3 glass with a high content of alkali and alkaline earth oxides. AR-Glas® is characterised by its wide variety of applications that include pharmacy, medicine, cosmetics and the food industry.

FIOLAX® - 100% optically controlled tubing is a chemically highly resistant special glass (hydrolytic class 1) known generally as a 'neutral' glass and is in use in the SCHOTT laboratory range to manufacture test tubes.

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Formerly SCHOTT's Laboratory and Industrial Glass division, the DURAN Group was aquired by the ADCURAM Group AG of Munich, Germany, in 2005. The DURAN Group's main production production facility remains on the SCHOTT site in Mainz, Germany with close co-operation between the companies in the fields of technical and production technology, raw materials, quality assurance, IP, and sales and marketing representation.

In particular, whether in the form of tubing manufuactured by SCHOTT or moulded parts made by the DURAN Group, DURAN® glass continues to be chemcially and physically identical allowing manufacturers to hot join parts with confidence and users to be assured of DURAN®'s consistency.

SCHOTT Scandinavia is DURAN Group's sales and marketing agent in the Nordic countries. Please contact this office for sales and technical queries in the first instance.

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