The following technical information applies to ROBAX® in general. Unless otherwise indicated, the data provided is intended as a point of reference. Values for which no generally applicable measurement method exists or, alternatively, are not defined in a generally applicable manner (for instance by a standard), are specified and explained.

Installation of ROBAX® fire viewing panels

Instructions for installing ROBAX® fire viewing panels can be found here.

Delivery times

Delivery times depend on demand and capacity and are understood as after receipt of order and ex works. Individual logistics agreements are available upon request.

Undecorated flat ROBAX® panels approx. 2 weeks
Standard ROBAX® 3D panels approx. 4 weeks
Non Standard ROBAX® 3D panels    approx. 6 weeks
Decorative flat ROBAX® panels approx. 3 weeks  
Decorative ROBAX® 3D panels approx. 8 weeks
Exclusive ROBAX® panels up to 3 months


Should you need to replace a SCHOTT ROBAX® fire panel, it should be disposed of as normal domestic waste – not in the glass recycling bin.