Coatings and tinted panels

More than anything, your customers want to relax in front of their fireplace. Thanks to the new ROBAX® IR SuperMax fire-viewing panel, they can do just that. Due to higher temperatures in the combustion chamber, less ash and residue build up on the panel, which means less cleaning. Because the special IR coating reflects significantly more heat back into the combustion chamber than uncoated ROBAX® panels. So your customers can also enjoy more pleasant room temperatures. They can fully enjoy the warmth and coziness in front of their fireplace, for the ultimate escape and relaxation.
Cozy up. Clean less. Chill more.

Cozy up. Clean less. Chill more.

Technical data
Maximum usable area 1,055 x 535 mm
Glass thickness 4 mm
Recommended application Wood, pellet and gas fireplaces
Installation Coated side facing away from fire
Color impression of coating Due to reflection surface seems to be slightly pinkish or greenish
Shapes Flat cut-to-size panels
Surface structure Both sides smooth
Decoration Yes (pure black, mystic black, opaque black; mystic & opaque black in combination with logo in matte stone grey)
Cleaning Uncoated side: SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wiper
Coated side: soft cloth
Greenish reflection

Greenish reflection

(depending on viewing angle)
Pinkish reflection

Pinkish reflection

(depending on viewing angle)
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Trade fair Progetto Fuoco, Verona, Italy, 23.02 - 26.02.2022
Trade fair Expobiomasa, Valladolid, Spain, 21.09 - 23.09.2021