Several coatings and tinted panels are provided by SCHOTT ROBAX® to improve the aesthetics of your fireplace or stove and even enhance the efficiency. By this you protect the environment and also improve state your way of living.
SCHOTT ROBAX® Energy Plus coatning
At a glance

The power package for your fireplace: ROBAX® Energy Plus is the first glass-ceramic fire panel with a heat reflecting coating. It is available in a flat version as well as in a rounded form for the first time. The advantage is an energy-friendly fireplace: While visible light can easily pass through the panel, some of the heat radiation is reflected back into the combustion chamber. This can result in a noticeable gain in stored energy – ROBAX® Energy Plus.
Product benefits
Due to the innovative construction, up to 35 % of the heat radiation is reflected back into the combustion chamber. The result: the energy radiation passing through the panel is reduced and the temperature in the combustion chamber is significantly increased. The extra energy gained can for example be used for more efficient heating water conduits or as additional stored energy.
With the highest esteem for the environment: the higher temperatures in the combustion chamber generally results in better combustion and therefore lower emission values.

The coating can result in less soiling on the panel, in particular due to soot, which makes cleaning the glass-ceramic distinctly easier.

The reduced radiation means that the installation area is heated more pleasantly and evenly. Also, the floor temperature in front of the heating appliance remains lower. This means that furniture can be placed closer to the visible area of the appliance, thus offering increased enjoyment of the fire experience.