Forschungsberichte 2002-2005

Mathematische Simulation

Bensberg, A.
Polyacid gels under an uniaxial load
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Bubble continuum model
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Berndhäuser, C.
Application of mathematical modeling in the process development of glass forming
Publication of a contribution to Glass Sci. Technol. 77 C (2004) p. 52-60 (Norbert Kreidl Memorial Conference: Building the Bridges between Glass Science and Glass Technology, June 23-26, 2004, Trencin (Slovakia); proceedings / ed. by M. Liska; J. Sestak, Offenbach: Verl. d. Deutschen Glastechnischen Gesellschaft, 2004) by courtesy of the Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft (DGG)

Duchemin, L.; Lister, J.R.; Lange, U.
Static shapes of levitated viscous drops
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 533. 2005, p. 161-170
Muschick, W.
The validation of glass furnace simulations: a multilevel process
Glass Machinery Plants and Accessories 18. 2005 (5), p. 101-103