Analysis of the Composition and Structure of Glass and Glass Ceramics

Dr. Hans Bach
Prof. Dr. Dieter Krause

This book has 528 pages, with 254 figures and 77 tables
ISBN 3-540-58610-5
This volume is addressed to those who practically work in quantitative chemical analysis or structure determination. In the development of new glasses and glass ceramics the prediction of properties is based on a far-reaching knowledge of composition and structure. Analytical support is also necessary for the supervision and control of production processes (including raw materials used and environmental concerns), for troubleshooting in case of glass defects, and to help understanding the origin of customer complaints because of dissatisfactory product behaviour.

Accurate, reproducible, and low-cost analytical methods, which have been developed for the most important oxide glasses, are described. For the identification and interpretation of structure elements in amorphous materials, various methods are applied and backed up by computer simulation of the atomic arrangements.

In this book, the scientific and technical background of Schott´s methods, as well as results and selected applications are treated in detail.

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