Thin Films on Glass

Dr. Hans Bach
Prof. Dr. Dieter Krause

This book has 432 pages, with 217 figures and 46 tables
ISBN 3-540-58597-4
This volume describes design techniques, materials, their properties, and characte- rization methods, and the various coating processes especially designed to improve and modify the surface properties of bulk glass. Among those, the optical properties are particularly important and have been a main target of the research and development efforts at Schott for more than sixty years.

Proprietary processes were the technical basis of the coating activities for successful Schott products. For some time, sol–gel-based dip coating of optically homogeneous and large-area substrates was one of the major technologies. In the last decade, plasma impulse chemical vapour deposition (PICVD) came up with many new products with simple or complex-shaped substrates that have excellent environmental stability and product life as well as cost advantages due to extraordinarily effective process control.

In this book, the scientific and technical background of Schott processes and selected products is treated in detail.

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