The Properties of Optical Glass

Dr. Hans Bach
Dr. Norbert Neuroth

This book has 414 pages, with 161 figures and 62 tables
ISBN 3-540-58357-2
This volume describes the properties of the optical glasses developed by Schott. The properties of optical glasses for classical optical elements such as lenses and prisms are treated in detail. Further topics treated include special applications in optoelectronics, the mechanical and thermal properties of optical glasses, the interaction of glass surfaces with aqueous solutions and gases in the atmosphere, the production of optical surfaces, special glasses for ophthalmics, the ultraviolet and infrared spectral regions, photo- chromic glasses, glasses for lasers and nuclear engineering, and coloured and eye protection glasses.

The book is a monograph, but the individual chapters are by leading Schott experts on the corresponding topics. In all the chapters, tables and examples are chosen to support the reader’s daily work with glass and glass ceramics. Numerous references are given to more detailed literature. The volume fills the gap between the basic knowledge of glass provided by material science and catalogue data supplied by glass manufacturers.

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