Melting and hot forming process and technology

Process engineering and consulting in the field of glass heating and melting

  • Energy balances
  • Optimization of thermal processes

  • Optimization of Tank design
  • Optimization of glass homogeneity
  • Combustion technology
  • Electrical Heating systems

  • Control-/ measurement techniques, sensors
  • Characterization of melting tanks
  • Characterization and glass homogeneity
  • Optimization of Glass quality

Characterisation & analysis of refractory materials

  • Characterisation of new refractory metals and refractory ceramics
    • corrosion & blistering test
    • standard tests (density, porosity etc.)
  • Material specification, consulting and preparation

Failure investigation & analysis

  • Methods for blister/bubble analysis / gas content
  • Methods for analysing solid failures within glass
  • Failure analysis of metal devices and refractory material

Process engineering in the field of hot forming

  • thermal characterisation and analysis of hot forming processes
  • improvement of hot forming methods
  • consulting on hot forming processes

Laboratory and Small lot size glass production

  • Laboratory melting in platinum or refractory crucibles (crucible size from 0,5l to 90l)

  • ...up to continuous tank melting (0,5 - 2t/d)

  • Different forming technologies in laboratory and pilot plant available (for example: casting, rolling, drawing, spraying, ...

  • Customers can get blocks, ribbons, rods, tubes, fibres, flakes, powder and so on Melted out of SCHOTT´s or customers own glass composition

  • Redrawing process for glass fibre production