Development of Materials and Components

Material Solutions

Product innovations are often made possible by advances in materials. The materials that you use in your products are most likely crucial to its level of functional performance, quality and reliability, and – last but not least - the total system cost. High-performance glasses and glass-ceramics from SCHOTT are known to provide competitive advantages to our customers. However, you too can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the scientists, engineers and technicians who work for SCHOTT and have access to unique cutting-edge tools. We would be happy to provide you with solutions to your request. Our service offerings range from customer- specific material development to contract manufacturing of lab and pilot scale quantities. We design and manufacture optical and optoelectronic components and offer expert advice on material processing, as well as technical studies in our fields of expertise.


Our service offer

Contract development of materials
  • new glasses, glass-ceramics to meet customer specifications

Manufacturing of materials in small quantities
  • volumes of 0.1 to 1000 kg
  • form factor: bulk incl. size/surface to spec, fiber, tube, rod, powder, ribbon, ...)
  • certificate on composition

Custom-tailored components
  • optical functionalities: fiber, refractive, diffractive ... (incl. design and characterization)
  • bonded components

  • on material issues relevant to your business (raw materials, transfer-to-production, process optimization, literature and IP analysis, technical studies, ...)