SCHOTT Primoceler expands team to support establishment of automation processes

20.05.2021, Tampere, Finland
SCHOTT Primoceler – a technology company with roots in Tampere, Finland – is advancing its manufacturing processes toward automated production. The company has recently expanded its team, which has included the addition of staff experienced in and dedicated specifically to automation projects, as part of a forward-thinking plan to implement the most efficient production infrastructure possible.

SCHOTT Primoceler specializes in advanced wafer-level hermetic sealing technology using laser-based bonding that can produce fully gastight and miniaturized glass packages at room temperature. The successful implementation of automated manufacturing upgrades will help increase both capacity and capability for customer projects that utilize this cutting edge hermetic sealing process, particularly when it comes to high-volumes.

“Our customers are always top of mind when it comes to our strategic decision making, and there was no exception in this case,” says Antti Peltonen, Business Development Manager at SCHOTT Primoceler. “Transitioning to automated processes will allow us to improve our speed, volumes, and our already-high quality standards.”

Automation has been a hot topic in manufacturing operations and is increasingly becoming standard in facilities across the world. Specialized machinery and robotics are being implemented in all steps of production – including inventory, assembly, packaging, and quality assurance, among others – to assist human employees in increasing quality and productivity while reducing lead times.