Design and R&D services

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Product Design

SCHOTT Primoceler has many years of experience in high-reliability product design.

Our fully in-glass product portfolio can be adapted to meet customer requirements for hermeticity, chemical and mechanical stability, biocompatibility, and other needs. Our expertise has been verified by the most demanding customers, including the European Space Agency.

Our team of experienced engineers is ready to assist you in creating a market leading product!

R&D Services

Our R&D application lab has been working with hundreds of customer applications in many different markets, including medical, aerospace and, electronics industries. We have the capability to develop and test laser-based processes with extreme precision. R&D work on hermetic bonding of transparent materials is our core competence, but we can also assist in many other micromachining facets.

In all of our projects we prioritize manufacturing processes, choosing the right industrial methods for serial production.

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