Reliability and precision is a must when designing and manufacturing micro-optics. Furthermore, throughput is essential. SCHOTT Primoceler’s Glass Micro Bonding technology will assist you in micro-optics processing.


For every aerospace application, reliability is of the essence. SCHOTT Primoceler’s bonding technology offers reliable all-in-glass packages, which means devices will have high stability in harsh environments.

Key benefits

  • High hermeticity ›› Reliable device operation
  • No additives ›› Outgassing issues minimized
  • Full glass packages available ›› CTE issues minimized

Micro-optics – Driver for future applications

Micro-optics are increasingly used in everyday devices. Cameras, gesture sensing and 3D scanning are embedded in mobile devices.

In addition to mobile applications, micro-optics are used in automotive and medical devices. Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) can save lives when reliable range detection can avoid collisions.

In the medical industry, endoscopic and ophthalmic systems rely on micro-optical elements.

Perfect gap control enabling high yield

Good gap control is a challenge when using additives. Additive thickness varies from device to device. Also, performance during the lifetime of a device can be compromised if gap control is not properly handled. Adhesives change over time due to environment and temperature which will make reliability a challenging issue.

Micro-optics manufactured with glass micro bonding do not have any additive materials. Excellent gap control enables reliable device performance over time.

Reliability and eye safety

3D scanning and LIDAR applications often use high power measurement lasers. Such lasers can cause eye safety issues and stray light from damaged optics can cause severe eye damage.

There are two common failure modes for optics. First, moisture getting inside the optics. And second, delamination of different optical layers.
Both issues can cause stray light.

SCHOTT Primoceler’s glass micro bonding provides high reliability because it uses no additive materials, so harsh environments or temperature cycling will not damage the optics. Furthermore, glass micro bonding offers high hermeticity, which keeps moisture out of the device.

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