We have successfully completed hundreds of projects for different industries. Glass Micro Bonding has enabled our customers to create completely new products or significantly improve old ones.

Here are some typical applications and key benefits.

Medical Implants

For the past 40 years medical implants have been encapsulated inside titanium.

SCHOTT Primoceler‘s Glass Micro Bonding enables the use of glass in implants and offers truly reliable hermetic sealing.

Glass is highly biocompatible and RF transparent. This allows wireless data and power transfer for implanted devices.

Key benefits

  • High precision and no heat ›› Extreme miniaturization
  • All-glass structure ›› Optical and RF transparency
  • Biocompatibility
  • High hermeticity ›› Allows chronic implants

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

MEMS components are a key part of IOT devices, including autonomous cars.

As an example, an average car now contains 800 MEMS devices, and the number is estimated to grow to over 2000 during the next few years. This requires high reliablity and compact sizes.

Key benefits

  • High precision and no heat ›› Extreme miniaturization
  • Hermetic bonding ›› Long-term high reliability
  • No additives ›› Outgassing minimized

Flow Cells

Flow cells support countless applications in cell and gene manipulation, including genomics benefits from the latest flow cell technologies.

SCHOTT Primoceler‘s Glass Micro Bonding can help manufacture high-end flow cell devices.

Key benefits

  • No additives ›› Perfect gap control between layers
  • No additives ›› Does not disrupt or affect the results
  • High bonding strength ›› Greater pressure possible which leads to faster processes


For every aerospace application, reliability is of the essence.

SCHOTT Primoceler’s bonding technology offers reliable all-in-glass packages, which means devices will have high stability in harsh environments.

Key benefits

  • High hermeticity ›› Reliable device operation
  • No additives ›› Outgassing issues minimized
  • All-in-glass package available ›› CTE issues minimized

High Temperature Applications

High temperatures are challenging to handle. Commonly used additives and solder materials can cause issues during temperature cycling.

SCHOTT Primoceler Oy offers a totally new concept for robust packaging. Many challenges can be avoided when using only one packaging material.

Key benefits

  • Only one material in the package ›› CTE issues avoided
  • No additives ›› Outgassing avoided


Use of micro-optics has grown rapidly during the past few years. Improvements in Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) availability have made glass an ideal option when low profiles are required.

SCHOTT Primoceler has been involved with the development of traditional and diffractive optics applications.

Key benefits

  • No glues or other added materials ›› thinner components
  • Low heat ›› High yield with UTG

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