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Aktualności korporacyjne
SCHOTT completes portfolio of ready-to-use adaptiQ® vials with 15R to 30R ISO formats
As the first supplier of nested ready-to-use vials, SCHOTT has expanded its portfolio by large-size ISO formats of 15R, 20R, 25R and 30R vials commercially available for human use (FHU). The vials, which are delivered pre-sterilized in a tub and nest configuration, are manufactured at the company’s production site in USA and are ready to order. Więcej
SCHOTT to invest 300 million euros in pharmaceutical packaging business
Group to build new production facilities in Germany and China and expand capacity in India and Switzerland Więcej
SCHOTT remains on course for success
- Fiscal year 2017/2018: currency-adjusted sales 6.3% higher
- Record annual profit of EUR 208 million
- High investments creating sustainable growth
World’s Largest Convex Mirror Substrate Delivered
SCHOTT manufactured an extremely curved secondary mirror substrate made of ZERODUR® glass-ceramic in Mainz, Germany, for the ESO´s Extremely Large Telescope Więcej
Europe’s most ecofriendly stove is equipped with ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire viewing panels
Hybrid is in, even the kind without four wheels: The Aduro Hybrid stove combines ecofriendly pellets with a cozy wood fire. It received the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment in the “Sustainable Products and Services” category. The people at SCHOTT ROBAX® can be excited about that, too, as the glass-ceramic fire viewing panels support better combustion with fewer emissions and make the product design even more attractive. Więcej
SCHOTT Ampoules easyOPC ensure more safety, reliability and efficiency
The technology group SCHOTT has introduced new easy-to-open ampoules with a tightened breakforce range. Więcej
New evolution in display cover glass: SCHOTT prepares market launch of an advanced Xensation® 3D – tougher than ever before
SCHOTT has now made its Xensation® 3D cover glass even better. The enhanced lithium alumino-silicate (LAS) cover glass is extremely strong, especially to falls on sharp objects. Its attributes make it an attractive alternative to competing solutions in the cover glass jungle, “Made in Germany” and processed in China. The proven Xensation® 3D – securing smartphone displays from leading Chinese brands – already demonstrates that it is perfectly suited for people’s lives.