Glass tubes for primary pharmaceutical packaging

Glass has always been the material of choice for manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging. The main reason for this is, that glass is known to be an inert material. For example, it prevents gases and other volatile substances from penetrating through the glass wall and entering the pharmaceutical product, and it also reduces the likelihood of drug-container interaction. However, different qualities of glass are available. Glass for primary pharmaceutical packaging must fulfill a wide range of requirements. Testing and classification procedures are described in the latest versions of regulations and pharmacopoeia as well as international standards such as ISO 719, ISO 720 und ASTM E 438. Dispensaries categorize glass into three types (I to III). Type I represents the highest quality level and packaging from this category is recommended for parenteral pharmaceutical solutions whereas type III glass is manufactured for specimens that are not intended for parenteral administration.

Highest quality standards – from FIOLAX® and AR-GLAS® to ILLAX®

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For many decades, technology experts at SCHOTT have been developing and manufacturing a comprehensive selection of special glasses for pharmaceutical packaging, such as glass for syringes, vials, ampoules and cartridges. FIOLAX® has been the epitimoy of the highest quality, premium glass since 1911. The new era of quality processing perfeXion™ stands for the transition from statistical quality control to 100% inspection of each individual FIOLAX® tube.
Not only is this type I glass available in a completely transparent form (FIOLAX® clear), but also in an amber design with light protection properties for sensitive pharmaceuticals (FIOLAX® amber). Transparent AR-GLAS® (type III), high chemical-resistant BORO-8330™ and light protecting ILLAX® glass complete the product portfolio.

SCHOTT works according to the highest quality standards to ensure the consistent quality of all the products it manufactures, including glass for vials, syringes, and ampoules. Certification of all SCHOTT Tubing facilities according to EN ISO 15378:2015, for example, provide evidence of the company's ability to reach these high quality standards. This standard covers GMP guidelines applicable to pharmaceutical suppliers.

For further information and technical details, view our selection of brochures and data sheets available for download in the Glass Tubing Explorer.
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