SCHOTT TopPac® Rigid Cap

SCHOTT TopPac® Rigid Cap (TRC) is a new Luer Lock closure system from SCHOTT for the SCHOTT TopPac® prefillable polymer syringe (PFS) portfolio which combines superior container closure integrity with an easy, safe and intuitive way to use.
SCHOTT TopPac® Rigid Cap


Stable Container Closure Integrity

Screwed tip cap to reduce the risk of integrity loss during processing, handling and shelf life.

Drug Compatibility

Tip cap is made of well-established rubber formulation FM 257 to reduce need of stability testing.

Easy and Safe to Open

Intuitive twist-off cap on LLA makes it easy for the end user to handle it and reduces the risk of tip contamination while opening.

Easy to Connect

LLA enables secure and easy connection of accessories (e.g. vial adapters or hypodermic and safety needles).

Steam Sterilization

TRC is suitable for terminal steam sterilization.

Fast Time-to-Market

The design of TRC matches a closure system the pharma industry is already familiar with.

Broad Product Portfolio

Portfolio for SCHOTT TopPac® PFS with TRC includes formats from 1 ml to 50 ml.
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