SCHOTT TopLine Options for Enhanced Processing

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SCHOTT TopLyo® – Efficient Lyophilization

Due to a need to accelerate time-to-market cycles and increase shelf life stability of biopharmaceuticals, a keen interest in robust and cost-efficient lyophilization has leapt into the limelight. A streamlined lyo cake is crucial for better-automated  inspectability – and indeed  fundamentally vital to the chief priority  ensuring patient safety.

Thanks to their hydrophobic coating, SCHOTT TopLyo® vials demonstrate less fogging during and less disruption of the lyo cake after the lyophilization process, in addition to reduced residual volumes and higher dosing accuracy after reconstitution.



  • Chemically uniform (Si-O-C-H hydrophobic coating)
  • Layer thickness: ~40 nm
  • Non-porous, covalent bond between glass matrix and coating layer
  • Processability equal to non-coated type I glass vials


  • Cost reduction due to decreased overfilling – given lower residual volume
  • Prevention of lyo cake disruption and sidewall fogging for improved automated inspection
  • Lyo cake stability during transportation
  • Reduced protein aggregation compared to siliconized vials


2R, 6R, 8R, 10R, 15R, 20R and 50R ISO formats. Customization including lyo bottom available on request.