SCHOTT Cartridges BR (Break Resistance)

SCHOTT Cartridges BR (Break Resistance)
SCHOTT Cartridges BR are designed specifically to offer utmost protection for very expensive or toxic drugs and for medications that need to be applied in hazardous environments where failure is just not an option.
The superior break resistance of SCHOTT Cartridges BR results from an exchange of sodium ions in the glass surface with larger potassium ions. This chemical strengthening of the glass matrix in a potassium nitrate bath comes without compromising the extractables and leachables profile (E&L).

  • Extreme high breakage resistance – up to three times as resistant to breakage as traditional glass cartridges
  • Customizable to auto injector needs – no design Limitations

  • Safer filling, handling and administration of toxic drugs
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because of reduced breakage during fill & finish
  • Ultimate protection of the drug
  • High pressure administration
  • Application in emergency situations

  • Upon request