02 Nov 2018

SCHOTT Ampoules easyOPC named Finalist of the CPhI Pharma Awards

So far, statistical results from SCHOTT and a global pharma company have underlined and confirmed the value of SCHOTT Ampoules easyOPC. Now, they were recognized by the industry as a Finalist of the CPhI Pharma Awards. In an interview, our expert and product manager Neus Ferré tells us more.


Congratulations, Neus, you must be very pleased about the nomination. In your opinion, what made the Ampoules easyOPC stand out to the judges?

Thank you, I must say that it is an incredible feeling knowing that the new ampoules made it to the top Finalists of the CPhI Pharma Awards out of all the innovative products that were in the running.
Ampoules have been around for such a long time that many probably did not expect any innovations in the market.  And we proved them wrong as we managed to solve the very old problem of “hard-to-open-ampoules”. This means that pharma companies receive much fewer complaints from the users as healthcare professionals are not injured in the process of opening an ampoule and patients receive the medication when it is needed. All in all, we are increasing the safety at the point of use for administering drugs stored in our new ampoules.


What exactly is the difference to other ampoules?

At first sight, you would not see any difference but you can surely feel the difference when opening the ampoules. By improving the manufacturing process combined with an innovative cutting technology, we manage to produce ampoules within the ‘perfect break force’ range and eliminating outliers at the same time. In more technical terms, this means that we found the desired opening behavior for 1-3ml One Point Cut ampoules to be not more than 45 Newton in comparison to the defined ISO norm of 25 to 65 Newton. This is incorporated in the Ampoules easyOPC.


Thank you for your explanation, Neus.

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