28 Aug 2018

A breakthrough in the ampoule market – The new SCHOTT Ampoules easyOPC

In everyday clinical practice every second counts. Physicians and other healthcare professionals need to make fast decisions and react even faster. So they need all the help they can get. And this is where a new development has been made. With the new SCHOTT Ampoules easyOPC.

It’s so often the details that count

A recent study revealed that 89% of nurses have difficulties opening an ampoule as often as 10 times each month. More often than not, this is a combination of rush and untrained skills that leads to injuries when opening the ampoule or the medication being contaminated with tiny glass splinters. Resulting in the ampoule being trown away and unnecessary additional costs.

This is where the new SCHOTT Ampoules easyOPC come in. They add a decisive advantage to the many existing benefits: The ampoules can be opened much more easily thanks to an optimized breakpoint range. This tiny but crucial difference cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it will be seen in practical use and in the bottom line, because the reduction in the amount of defective ampoules lowers the number of returns and thus the costs.

But we have saved the best news till last: These new ampoules are available now.

We will continue to report on this extraordinary development, familiarize you with all the benefits and also have some fascinating background info for you on this website over the next couple of weeks.

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  1. it will certainly avoid much waste and will be very efficient for the end user.


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