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Fill & Finish is the core of the pharmaceutical industry. Any interference of the production process causes trouble in delivering the drug on time in a flexible and easy way. For this, it is indispensable to know what is happening on production lines and what impact they have on primary packaging. Data can be a valuable source of gaining insights on the performance of lines as well as a helpful result of “pain points” of lines and primary packaging containers.
Optimizing the line performance is the ultimate goal of all of us in order to deliver drugs to the people who need it the most. And what can be measured, can be managed. And what can be managed, can be optimized. SCHOTT has now a strategic cooperation to optimize fill & finish performance at our customer‘s lines. It is an extended service offering to the industry worldwide and available for cartridges, syringes and vials.

Optimizing Fill & Finish Performance

SmartSkin provides drones for pressure management on filling and packaging lines. With the strong cooperation between SCHOTT & SmartSkin you can optimize the fill & finish performance to reduce glass breakage, bruising and micro fractures.

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If you can measure it, you can manage it.
If you can measure it, you can manage it.
Live data about what is happening at your filling line.
Live data about what is happening at your filling line.

Smart Skin Solution

Smart Skin's Quantifeel Technology is delivering cost savings and a greater degree of safe medicine handling for Pharmaceutical manufacturers. We offer drone technology, a software package and consulting.

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Want more information?

The Facts at a glance

  • Reduce vial breakage, bruising and microfractures
  • Improve flow and maintaining cost
  • Use as an engineering tool to validate line improvement
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In Amsterdam we presented and discussed together how data management with SmartSkin’s drone technology helps to improve line performance of key players in the industry. We learned from the best and gain insights for our own purposes, shared knowledge and discussed future developments in order to grow the business.
Amsterdam, June 24 Bilderberg Garden Hotel
Amsterdam, June 24
Bilderberg Garden Hotel
Our SmartSkin Partners

Learn. Grow. Celebrate. Together.

Smart Skin is only one solution that SCHOTT offers to its customers. For tackling glass breakage, SCHOTT delivers its customers extensive know-how on glass fractography analysis in its laboratory services. Additionally, SCHOTT provides a state-of-the art product portfolio by improving the container design to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.
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