IR applications

One unique benefit of the NEXTREMA® material portfolio is the optimized transmission in the infrared range combined with different visible light filter and design options. NEXTREMA® is the right choice to upgrade the design of infrared heaters and protect the heating elements from impacts and contaminants in applications like e.g. outdoor and indoor heating, food preparation and industrial heating processes.

Application ideas:
  • Transparent, translucent or opaque cover for infrared heating elements (electrical or gas)
  • IR transparent, robust mould in mechanical press equipment
  • IR transparent, glare reducing design upgrade for patio heaters
  • Protective cover for infrared heaters in industrial processes
In industries like:
  • Outdoor living (e.g. patio, gastronomy)
  • Spa and wellness (e.g. infrared saunas)
  • Food preparation (e.g. kebab grill, electric BBQ)
  • PCB manufacturing (e.g. soldering machines)
  • Automotive and aviation (e.g. CFRP manufacturing)
 NEXTREMA® is ideally suited because the ...
  • extra thin IR transmission optimized material options (2 and 3 mm) enable enhanced heat output
  • 6 material designs provide attractive design options for IR heaters
  • thermal (shock) resistance prevents material breakage due to inhomogeneous heat distribution
  • smooth non-porous surface prevents adhesion of particles and contaminants
  • good mechanical resistance provides protection from impacts
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