SCHOTT NEXTREMA®: glass-ceramic developed and designed
for extreme conditions

Technical glass-ceramic with thermal and chemical resistance as well as mechanical strength and visual versatility

NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic combines the benefits of technical special glass with the properties of high-temperature materials. NEXTREMA® is THE solution for new product ideas. From flat to shaped, from thin to thick: NEXTREMA® possesses outstanding material properties that vary by format and thickness. This resistant glass-ceramic from SCHOTT impresses not least thanks to its temperature shock resistance.

Technical glass-ceramic for all fields of industrial and product design

The international technology group offers its NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic in six attractive material types. Different material colors open up completely new possibilities for innovative, versatile and robust design. Whether transparent, translucent or opaque: designers, engineers and consumers choose the look and transmission degree that matches their needs and design preferences most closely. You could say that NEXTREMA® gives technical functionality a whole new look and leaves a lasting impression.

NEXTREMA®: an overview of unique properties
  • Resilient at high temperatures: temperature resistance depending on the according type of up to 950 °C; heat-resistant custom glass-ceramic: ideal for use in high-temperature processes
  • Excellent temperature shock resistance of up to 820 °C (depending on the NEXTREMA® type)
  • Near zero linear thermal expansion/heat expansion coefficient
  • Chemically resistant to acids, bases and corrosion-resistant special glass according to DIN 12116, ISO 695, and DIN ISO 719
  • Mechanically resilient: high intrinsic mechanical strength of up to 165 MPa – no thermal toughening necessary
  • IR specialist with six unique transmission profiles across the entire wavelength range
  • Process inert: no undesirable interactions in accordance to the mentioned properties between the glass-ceramic and the environment in demanding processes
  • Large formats mean no limits to creativity: areas of up to 1950 mm x 1100 mm available
  • (N)extremely broad range of applications thanks to differing thicknesses: Designers and engineers can choose from material thicknesses of between 2 mm and 6 mm (>6 mm on request)
Glass-ceramics as a catalyst for product design
Transparent, robust and esthetic: SCHOTT’s NEXTREMA® glass-ceramics are on target to impress visitors during the 2018 edition of the Hannover Messe with material ideas to inspire special product de ... More

Application ideas

schott nextrema future ideas
From the glass-ceramic right through to the finished product:  NEXTREMA® opens up endless possibilities in development and design for engineers and designers alike.