Customized Material

The manufacture of special technical glass is one of the SCHOTT group’s core competencies. SCHOTT produces an extremely wide range of technical glass types, including borosilicate and optical glass. The standard materials NEXTERION® uses are Borofloat®33 and the D263® family. Both materials can be used for most of the applications in life science and diagnostic industry.
If your special application requires a very special substrate material (e.g. fused silica), we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. The SCHOTT group produces several hundred different types of glass, which means that the range of glass thicknesses available is very wide, ranging from 30 µm up to 254 mm depending on the glass type.

Please contact us for your special requirements! 
Trade Fairs & Events
Trade fair Webinar "Glass or Polymer? A Comparison for Use in In-Vitro Diagnostic Biochips", GenomeWeb,, Germany, 29.11
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