Coating Selection

SCHOTT offers a wide range of functional coating chemistries for DNA and protein microarrays and other applications.
The following table indicates the most appropriate coating for specific applications.
Probe type
Nexterion® coating
Oligonucleotides Aminosilane, Epoxysilane, 3-D Hydrogel3-D Polymer
cDNA/PCR Aminosilane, Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane
Bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC) Aminosilane, Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane
Peptides Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane
Proteins 3-D Hydrogel3-D Polymer
Antibodies Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane, 3-D Hydrogel3-D Polymer
Glycans 3-D Hydrogel3-D Polymer
Cells/tissues Depending on type of cell/tissue,
please contact us for support
and free-of-charge evaluation samples
Biotin modified molecules Streptavidin
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