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SCHOTT ROBAX® pone rumbo al futuro con muchas innovaciones presentadas en la ISH
“SCHOTT ROBAX® IN FRONT – THE NEWS” – con este titular invita SCHOTT ROBAX® ha echar un vistazo al futuro al futuro en la feria monográfica ISH que se celebra en Fráncfort del 11 al 15 de marzo de 2019 (pabellón 9.2 / stand D10). La marca premium cautiva a los visitantes con las últimas novedades relacionadas con sus paneles vitrocerámicos. Por ejemplo, ROBAX® TrueView garantiza una visión perfectamente nítida de las llamas en chimeneas de gas. El recubrimiento ROBAX® IR Max se puede serigrafiar a partir de ahora con toda la gama de colores la marca SCHOTT ROBAX®. Los revestimientos interiores ROBAX® Magic con Signature Impressions permite a los fabricantes de chimeneas de gas crear diseños y efectos de llama completamente nuevos. Además a los visitantes les espera una sorpresa en el stand para ir abriendo boca de cara al futuro. Más
La estufa más respetuosa con el medio ambiente de Europa está equipada con paneles vitrocerámicos ROBAX®
El híbrido ha llegado para instalarse, y no solo en el ámbito del automóvil: la estufa Aduro Híbrida combina los pellets ecológicos con el agradable calor de la leña. Ha recibido el prestigioso Premio Europeo de Medio Ambiente a la Empresa en la categoría de “Productos y Servicios Sostenibles”, un galardón del que también puede estar orgulloso el personal de SCHOTT ROBAX®, ya que los paneles vitrocerámicos permiten una mejor combustión con menos emisiones y hacen que el diseño del producto sea todavía más atractivo. Más
Noticias del Consorcio
SCHOTT EVERIC™: Vials optimized for high potency drugs, even with low filling volumes
SCHOTT presents a new generation of ultra-pure pharmaceutical vials to meet the exacting drug stability needs of low-fill drugs. Designed as a modular concept, EVERIC™ provides pharmaceutical companies with a unique combination of attributes to package biologic drugs while supporting today’s quality requirements of fill and finish lines. Más
World’s first lubricant-free prefillable glass syringe launched at DCAT 2019
Lubricants have long been a necessary evil for prefillable syringes. They aid in reducing the injection force to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient, yet could also influence and harm the drug. Pharma packaging specialist SCHOTT has successfully tackled this challenge and presents syriQ BioPure® lubricant-free – the first prefillable glass syringe (PFS) that completely eliminates the need for silicone or similar substances. The new syringe will be available in the course of 2019. Más
SCHOTT to invest $1 billion globally in pharmaceutical packaging business through 2025
The specialty glass and materials company SCHOTT is making a $1 billion global investment in its global pharmaceutical packaging business. The announcement was made at DCAT Week, running March 18 to 21, 2019 in New York City. A growing global demand for high quality pharmaceutical packaging, such as vials, syringes, ampoules and cartridges made of Borosilicate glass and polymer, has prompted the international technology group to build new production sites in Germany and China, and invest in new lines and manufacturing technology around the world. Más
100 years of Bauhaus - Revolution in everyday culture with SCHOTT “Jenaer Glas” and Bauhaus design
April 1, 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus movement in Weimar, Germany. The cooperation of this renowned art school with the world-famous special glass manufacturer SCHOTT to design and market the heat-resistant “Jenaer Glas” household glasses is an important chapter in German design history. Key personalities in this cooperation were the Bauhaus artists Gerhard Marcks, Wilhelm Wagenfeld and László Moholy-Nagy as well as SCHOTT Managing Director Erich Schott. The use of special glass in the kitchen and living room revolutionized cooking, baking and table culture. For SCHOTT, this meant entering a completely new market. Más
Speeding LNG Growth in China - SCHOTT Eternaloc® Terminal Headers Help to Safely Drive the Expansion of LNG Applications
Mainz, Germany / Shanghai, China – At the LNG2019 (Shanghai, April 1-5), the International Technology Group SCHOTT will be presenting its components for the LNG, oil and gas industries at booth 4225. The focus will be on maintenance-free Eternaloc® terminal headers for safely operating cryogenic submerged pumps and turbine expanders in onshore, offshore and small-scale LNG applications. Más
SCHOTT CERAN EXCITE® wins world-renowned iF Gold Award 2019
SCHOTT won over the jury with CERAN EXCITE® and received one of the most important design prizes in the world, the iF Gold Award 2019. The lighting innovation for glass-ceramic cooktops received the design-label’s seal of quality for exceptional design and outstanding services in the discipline “product” in the “kitchen” category. The product portfolio based on special materials and coatings allow for LED light sources mounted under the cooktop to shine through particularly clearly and brightly. This enables household appliance manufacturers to realize endless design variations and improvements to form and function, in order to make cooking smarter and more intuitive than before. Más
Kitchen of the future – discover the joy of cooking with SCHOTT CERAN® at AWE 2019
SCHOTT AG, international technology group and the original inventor of black glass-ceramic cooktop panels, is bringing its three-time “Brand of the Century” award winner SCHOTT CERAN® to Appliance and Electronics World Expo 2019 (Hall N2, booth 2F71, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, 14-17 March). As one of the highlight booths of the German Kitchen Pavilion by AMK (German Association of Modern Kitchen Industry), SCHOTT will present its newest light-inspired CERAN EXCITE® portfolio – one of the most recent iF Gold Award 2019 winners. Moreover, the company will display the smart FUSICS cooking table prototype, designed for an elevated cooking experience even in limited urban spaces. Through its innovative products, SCHOTT CERAN® is supporting the trend, which is moving from cooking on gas to cooking on induction, while paving the way for the kitchen of the future. Más
More light: SCHOTT to present the latest innovations in light for use in dental technology
At the International Dental Show IDS in Cologne from March 12 – 16, 2019 (booth 11.3 B 081), the international technology group SCHOTT will be unveiling its latest developments in dental technology. These include a new, fully customizable generation of autoclavable Solidur® LEDs for illuminating instruments that previously never had an integrated light source, as well as a novel manufacturing process that enables the production of fiber optic glass rods in extreme geometries for the latest generation of dental curing devices. SCHOTT will also be presenting innovative solutions for laser delivery solutions. Más
SCHOTT employees in Germany donate 7,000 euros to social projects
The employees of the global glass specialist SCHOTT in Germany can donate the cent amount behind the comma for aid projects. This project is called “SCHOTT RestCent”. The donation was now handed over to three aid projects. Más
SCHOTT TOPPAC® cosmetic syringes: Injecting beauty made easy
International technology group SCHOTT is introducing SCHOTT TOPPAC® cosmetic, a new COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) polymer syringe specifically designed for cosmetic and medical applications involving hyaluronic acid. Thanks to a reduced needle pop-off risk, improved dose accuracy and high break resistance, the syringes are especially suitable for highly viscous drugs. The new polymer syringes will become available in February 2019 and will be displayed at IMCAS World Congress in Paris, Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, at TSK Laboratory’s booth #46. Más
SCHOTT completes portfolio of ready-to-use adaptiQ® vials with 15R to 30R ISO formats
As the first supplier of nested ready-to-use vials, SCHOTT has expanded its portfolio by large-size ISO formats of 15R, 20R, 25R and 30R vials commercially available for human use (FHU). The vials, which are delivered pre-sterilized in a tub and nest configuration, are manufactured at the company’s production site in USA and are ready to order. Más
SCHOTT remains on course for success
- Fiscal year 2017/2018: currency-adjusted sales 6.3% higher
- Record annual profit of EUR 208 million
- High investments creating sustainable growth
SCHOTT to invest 300 million euros in pharmaceutical packaging business
Group to build new production facilities in Germany and China and expand capacity in India and Switzerland Más
World’s Largest Convex Mirror Substrate Delivered
SCHOTT manufactured an extremely curved secondary mirror substrate made of ZERODUR® glass-ceramic in Mainz, Germany, for the ESO´s Extremely Large Telescope Más
SCHOTT Ampoules easyOPC ensure more safety, reliability and efficiency
The technology group SCHOTT has introduced new easy-to-open ampoules with a tightened breakforce range. Más
New evolution in display cover glass: SCHOTT prepares market launch of an advanced Xensation® 3D – tougher than ever before
SCHOTT has now made its Xensation® 3D cover glass even better. The enhanced lithium alumino-silicate (LAS) cover glass is extremely strong, especially to falls on sharp objects. Its attributes make it an attractive alternative to competing solutions in the cover glass jungle, “Made in Germany” and processed in China. The proven Xensation® 3D – securing smartphone displays from leading Chinese brands – already demonstrates that it is perfectly suited for people’s lives. Más
Ferias y eventos
Feria Forum Labo Paris, Paris, Francia, 26.03 - 28.03.2019
Feria GFIA - Global forum for innovations in agriculture, Abu Dhabi, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, 01.04 - 02.04.2019
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