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solutions 2/2013
Fireplace Viewing Panels
Wine and Fire to Enjoy
ROBAX® fireplace viewing panels enhance the enjoyment of a dual chamber fireplace at the Chain of Ponds Winery in Australia. More
solutions 1/2013
Home Appliances
A dream comes true
Visitors to the exhibit at the ”Vision House” at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida are exposed to ”green” living.  More

Fireplace viewing panels
Fire in a new dimension
A special bending technology allows for multiple angular shaped ROBAX® glass-ceramic viewing panels made of only a single piece. More
solutions 1/2012
Fireplace viewing panels
Natural Power? - Yes, Please!
SCHOTT ROBAX® calls for more ecological use of wood as a valuable source of energy. More
solutions 2/2009
Environmental Protection
Getting Greener
SCHOTT is systematically expanding its ecological commitment by offering environmentally friendly products. More

Fireplace Viewing Panels
Design for Flaming Experiences
Robax® glass-ceramic viewing panels offer plenty of ways to design fireplaces in a creative manner. More
solutions 1/2007
Piezo Glass Ceramic
A Material Generates Voltage and Movement
For the first time ever, researchers have succeeded in carrying over piezo-electric glass ceramics from the laboratory into product development. These lead-free materials offer completely new qualities. More
solutions 1/2006
Fireplace Viewing Panels
Temperature Marvel With a View
Heating with stoves offers both ecological and economic benefits. Thanks to innovative viewing panels, they are becoming even more popular. More

Heating Furniture from Denmark
Henning Krog Iversen has been a forerunner in innovative stoves for more than 25 years. He has been working with SCHOTT, his sole glass supplier, for almost as long. More