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Coated (cold light) reflectors for use in digital projection, LED and fiber optic lighting systems and more.
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Cabin lighting
With the Eye of a Sensor
The LED cabin lighting solution ”HelioJet” SpectrumCC uses special sensor technology to render light in a homogeneous manner. more
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Digital X-Ray Systems
Smart Fiber Optics for Use in Modern Radiology
Optical fiber plates that offer high transmission and x-ray attenuation support the trend toward advanced x-ray technologies. More

Fiber Optics
Clockwork Communicator
SCHOTT fiber optics uses the model of a mechanical cell phone to develop an imaging system without a digital screen. More
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Flight to an Industry Standard
The Australian airline Virgin Australia had its Business and Premium Economy Class equipped with SCHOTT Reading Lights. More
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Fiber Optics
Environmentally Friendly Fibers
The optical glass fiber PURAVIS™ draws its advantages from the high-purity raw materials used and is manufactured using an environmentally friendly process that does without lead, arsenic and antimony. More
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Lighting Technology
Soothing Light
Intelligent lighting solutions in hospitals have positive effects on patients’ moods. More

Contour Lighting
ElecTRONic Light Show
Innovative light guidance technology allows for special effects in Stern’s new TRON pinball machines. More
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Rail Traffic
Greater Appeal Thanks to Light
SCHOTT offers creative design solutions for tomorrow’s means of transport on the basis of LED technologies, also in combination with fiber optics. More

Machine Vision
Unlimited Possibilities
Innovative machine vision systems allow for efficient testing pocesses in MEMs research. More
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Machine Vision
Spotlight on Quality
When used in machine vision, SCHOTT’s own LED lighting systems bring an extra measure of know-how. More
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EXPO 2010
Living Better – A City in Balance
The visionary theme of EXPO 2010 in Shanghai ”Better City, Better Life” becomes reality at the German Pavilion. More

Feeling Great with Light
SCHOTT is an innovative pulse generator on intelligent lighting in aircrafts and automobiles. More
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Global Alliance
SCHOTT strengthened its light and image transmission business by acquiring a majority share in MORITEX. More

Showcase Design
Cubic Treasure House
The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar displays exhibits with Amiran® glass and fiber optics from SCHOTT. More

Innovative Design for Museums
Interview with John French, Director of the UK’s leading showcase manufacturer, Click Netherfield. More

Fiber Optics
Revolution in Medical Technology
“Haemospect” uses fiber optic light conductors to measure blood values non-invasively. More

Interior Design
Exclusive Glitter World
Light diodes and color effect glasses illuminate the Casino Monte Laa in Vienna. More
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Subtle Flight Attendant
The demand for more comfortable interior designs is growing all over the world, especially inside long distance airplanes. A fictitious flight illustrates the developments that passengers can soon look forward to – thanks to components from SCHOTT. More

SCHOTT and Aviation
Every passenger flying inside an Airbus or Boeing comes into contact with products from SCHOTT, either directly or indirectly: innovative lighting solutions offer attractive design and pleasant light conditions, optoelectronic components and glass-to-metal connections higher safety. More
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Advanced Optics/Fiber Optics
Playing with Light
The name Swarovski stands for the fascinating world of cut crystal. Nevertheless, the Austrian company with a long tradition also offers high quality binoculars, telescopes and telescopic sights. More

A World of Creativity
Helmut Swarovski, Managing Partner of D. Swarovski & Co., on the poetry of crystaland his passion for precision tools. More

Floating Displays
Floating Displays
Faceplates made of glass fibers improve the readability of digital displays and reduce scattered light. More
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Fiberoptic Lighting
Magical Light
Bisbee, the stronghold of the American copper industry, had to wait for years to hold its own mineral exhibition. Thanks to the generous assistance of the Smithsonian Institution, as well as private donations, the Bisbee Museum now showcases these minerals. More
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Industrial Image Processing
Placed into Perspective
Automated optical inspection for quality assurance is now standard in modern manufacturing. Achieving reliable results calls for custom-designed illumination of the objects. More
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Aviation Lighting
Creative Lighting Enhances the Air Travel Experience
In order to compete more successfully, airlines all over the world are attempting to improve the comfort on board their airplanes. One way is to introduce lighting solutions that make flights more enjoyable for passengers. More