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Healthcare, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Specialized glass tubes for pharmaceutical packaging and technical applications, microarray solutions for biotechnology and more.
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Nanoporous glass
Porous Power
The nanoporous glass product CoralPor™ offers application potentials that extend well beyond the laboratory. more

Pharmaceutical Packaging
Higher Efficiency for Pharmaceutical Companies
The new SCHOTT adaptSCHOTT iQ® system for ready-to-use vials meets important demands for the pharmaceutical industry. more
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Pharmaceutical Packaging
Minimizing Risks
SCHOTT is the first company to introduce pharmaceutical vials that minimize the risk of delamination. More

Digital X-Ray Systems
Smart Fiber Optics for Use in Modern Radiology
Optical fiber plates that offer high transmission and x-ray attenuation support the trend toward advanced x-ray technologies. More
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Pharmaceutical Systems
Quality for India
By manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical packaging in India, SCHOTT is supporting the Indian pharmaceutical industry and the fast-growing local healthcare system. More
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Pharmaceutical Services
Glass has a long tale to tell
SCHOTT pharma services offers customers analytic services for pharmaceutical packaging. More

Profiled Tubes
In a Case full of Cash
Safety containers that contain CONTURAX® Pro cartridges protect cash from unauthorized access. More
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Pharmaceutical Packaging
Russia on its Way to ”Pharma 2020”
A new pharmaceutical packaging plant will serve the growing Russian market. More

Dental Powder
Natural Beauty
Inconspicuous dental composites made of ultrafine glass powder are increasingly replacing amalgam. More
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On the Way to Customized Cancer Therapy
Nitrocellulose coated glass slides open up new avenues for clinical research. More

Pen Systems
Combating a Widespread Disease with High-Tech
The insulin manufacturer Novo Nordisk uses glass cartridges from SCHOTT in its pen systems. More

25 Times Around the World Each Year
Fiolax® special glass tubing for use in pharmaceutical packaging celebrates its 100th birthday. More
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Pharmaceutical Industry
Safely Packaged
The pharmaceutical industry finds itself facing major global challenges. Innovative high-quality pharmaceutical packaging and tubing from SCHOTT represent innovative solutions. More

Eastern Europe
Good Prospects
SCHOTT is seizing the chances that Russia’s growing home appliance and pharmaceutical industries offer. More
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Pharmaceutical Packaging
Ready for Growth
SCHOTT has expanded the product portfolio of its U.S. site in Lebanon to include prefillable syringes. More
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Pharmaceutical Packaging
Innovative Antibiotics in High-Quality Packaging
”TopLine” vials meet the demands that Wyeth pharmaceutical company places on a packaging solution. More
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Pharmaceutical Packaging
Pioneer in the Middle Kingdom
China is increasingly playing a key role in the global pharmaceutical industry. More

Fiber Optics
Revolution in Medical Technology
“Haemospect” uses fiber optic light conductors to measure blood values non-invasively. More
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Pharmaceutical Packaging
High-End with ”TopLine”
The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly turning to customized solutions in the area of primary pharmaceutical packaging. The ”TopLine” products meet even the highest demands for quality. More
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Pharmaceutical Packaging
Coatings Protect Sensitive Drugs
SCHOTT employs advanced coating techniques to makepharmaceutical packaging fit for the future. More
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Dental Glasses
Ultra Pure Glass for Teeth
Extremely fine glass powder from SCHOTT provides greater stability and density to high-quality composite dental fillings. A patented grinding technique ensures that the ultra fine grains are also highly transparent. More
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Ascension under Nippon’s Sun
SCHOTT celebrates 40 years in Japan: From a three-man company to a diversified high-tech partner. More
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Pharmaceutical Packaging
Pharmaceutical Packaging is a Matter of Trust
Manufacturing primary pharmaceutical packaging has been a core competence for SCHOTT for decades. Today, this area has developed into one of the leading sources of revenue, in addition to ranking among the entire company’s most innovative and promising fields. More

Systems Engineering
Hot Air for Cold Beer
Glass tube heat exchangers from Flucorrex AG in Switzerland allow for efficient use of energy in malt houses. More

Backlights for Displays
Glass Tubing Improves the Lives of Monitors
High uv-blocked backlight tubes play an important role in flat screen monitors based on liquid crystals (LCDs). These components for use in backlighting extend the lifespans of lcd monitors quite considerably. More