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SCHOTT Duran® (Tubing)

solutions 1/2013
Infinite Light Loop
Tim Morgan’s sculpture ”Aurora” in London reflects elegant and technical complexity. It also uses DURAN® glass rods. More
solutions 2/2009
An X-ray View of the Universe
SCHOTT supplied Duran® glass tubes for the mirror components in the x-ray telescope Astro-H. More
solutions 2/2008
Interior Design
Transparent Anonymity
The Spanish architect Eduardo Arroyo uses glass tubing from SCHOTT for interior design. [more]
solutions 2/2007
Art with Glass
Complex Glass Artworks of Great Depth
Roni Horn’s sculptures are characterized by perfection and precision. One of the world’s leading contemporary artists, she combines these properties inherent in glass with its transparency and plasticity to form sensitive reflections. [more]
solutions 1/2006
Systems Engineering
Hot Air for Cold Beer
Glass tube heat exchangers from Flucorrex AG in Switzerland allow for efficient use of energy in malt houses. [more]