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ZERODUR® glass ceramic for telescope projects (e.g. VLT, GTC), X-ray telescopes (e.g. Chandra, Sofia).
solutions 1/2014
Sights Set on the Sun
A ZERODUR® mirror substrate 4.26 meters in diameter makes the DKIST solar telescope on Hawaii the largest of its kind. more
solutions 1/2010
GREGOR the Great
A Zerodur® mirror substrate in the new solar telescope on Tenerife allows for precise observations. More
solutions 2/2009
An X-ray View of the Universe
SCHOTT supplied Duran® glass tubes for the mirror components in the x-ray telescope Astro-H. More

Solar Telescope
”Sunrise” over Arctic Ice
A primary mirror made of Zerodur® glass-ceramic from SCHOTT is at the heart of the solar telescope. More
solutions 1/2009
Bright Spots with LAMOST
The world’s largest Schmidt Telescope in China explores outer space with a Zerodur® mirror substrate. More
solutions 2/2008
Outsmarting Mother Nature
For four decades, Zerodur® glass ceramic has been offering the highest possible precision. More

”Astronomy enriches our everyday life”
Tim de Zeeuw, General Director of the European Southern Observatory, on the universe and what we can learn from it. More
solutions 1/2008
Hunters of the Galaxies
The world’s largest telescope is located on the Canary Island of La Palma. Astronomers are hoping it will help them find a second earth. More
solutions 2/2007
SOFIA project
Observatory Inside a Jumbo Jet
A flying telescope will be forging ahead to the limits of the Earth’s atmosphere. From here, astronomers hope to gain a clear view of the universe. More

China Gazes into Space
The Lijiang Telescope is the world’s largest automatically controlled eye looking into the sky. Zerodur® glass ceramic from SCHOTT is used as the mirror substrate. More

Solar telescope
Watchful Eye on the Sun
Researchers at the »Big Bear Solar Observatory« (BBSO) in California are looking to obtain new insights on the activities of our most important heavenly body. More

Constructive Cooperation
Dr. Philip R. Goode, Director of the Big Bear Solar Observatory, on the importance of observing the sun. More
solutions 1/2006
Mirror Substrate for a Telescope
Through the Fire to Reach for the Stars
Precision mirrors for telescopes owe their optical qualities to ZERODUR®, a special glass ceramic that retains its unique characteristics, despite variations in temperature. More