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Outdoor  fireplace
Photo: SCHOTT/K. Schäfer

Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor activities are becoming increasingly popular. An outdoor fireplace equipped with a SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing window improves quality of life in the open air and transforms your own yard into a safe and cozy island.

When the warm summer nights are over, the evenings become cooler. During this transitional time, an outdoor fireplace equipped with SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing windows makes you feel warm and comfortable outdoors. The many design possibilities these products offer create a personal, stylish and safe natural oasis on a terrace or balcony. Especially now that outdoor activities are the trend. According to a market study conducted by SCHOTT, 79 percent of the respondents want to follow the major trend of spending more time in the fresh air, especially in the cooler months. Half of the respondents showed interest in an outdoor fireplace with a fire viewing window.

SCHOTT ROBAX® is well prepared for this open air use. The glass-ceramic resists shifts in temperatures, heat and cold shocks, as well as rain and mechanical influences. It prevents the wind from blowing sparks and soot particles, ensuring protected comfort and warmth. It thus enables us to enjoy a prolonged summer season in our own yards. —

”Fireplaces with ROBAX® panels fit perfectly with the
growing interest in outdoor living.”

Isabel Eymael, Head of Marketing for SCHOTT ROBAX®
Outdoor  fireplace with ROBAX®
Fig. left and center: Best possible view of the fire. Fig. right: 270° Viewing panel. Photo: SCHOTT
SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic can be formed in many differ-ent ways and when used in outdoor fireplaces also allows a large number of people to view the fire, protected from the fire and heat.
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