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Photo: SCHOTT/T. Lohnes

Award-winning development achievement

Manufacturing of new PURAVIS® high-performance fibers, which is spread out over several floors of the plant, was recognized with the SCHOTT Innovation Award. At the beginning, up to 100 rod-tube systems (photo) that consist of a core rod and a jacket tube made of technical glass are placed into the drawing furnace at a temperature of around 1,000 degrees Celsius. The molten glass is then drawn down to the bottom as fibers that are only micrometers in thickness. At the end, up to 800-meter glass fiber bundles per minute are wound. <
Photo: SCHOTT/ H. Fischer

Brighter Than Its Predecessor

A new halogen cold light source from SCHOTT offers high performance in rendering colors and performing critical color measurements in stereo microscopy and macroscopy. Equipped with a 150-watt halogen cold light source, the ”KL 1500 HAL” is considered the ”flagship” among cold light sources: it not only offers a broad color spectrum, but also shines extremely brightly. The fan noises can hardly be heard. Furthermore, an LCD display also allows for processes to be monitored very easily and thus reproducible results can be achieved. <
Photo: ESA / Rosetta / Philae / CIVA

Camera Image of a Comet

A remarkable panorama camera has now taken the first spectacular photos of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The CIVA system from FISBA Optik in the comet lander Philae contains seven lens systems. Within these systems, lenses made of two different optical glasses from SCHOTT are installed. They ensure that the image quality remains excellent even after the Rosetta Mission’s long flight into space. Thanks to the radiation-resistant glass from SCHOTT, ten years of exposure to cosmic radiation have not impaired the performance of these lenses.

This isn’t the first time that SCHOTT glass has landed on another celestial body. Optical glass from Mainz was already on board the first manned lunar landing back in 1969. The television camera used on the moon contained a fourfold lens system that was manufactured using optical glass from SCHOTT. <
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HelioJetTM SpectrumCC

SAS orders HelioJet™ SpectrumCC

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) has become the first customer to order the new HelioJetTM SpectrumCC LED aircraft cabin lighting system. They signed a contract with SCHOTT’s cooperation partner Lufthansa Technik. New cabin lighting is part of the comprehensive cabin modification work that SAS is having done on seven Airbus A330/A340 aircraft. The first airplane to be equipped with the certified lighting system is expected to fly at the beginning of 2015. HelioJetTM SpectrumCC is the only cabin lighting system that solves the problem of color changes due to aging LEDs and renders almost any combinable color in the RGBW spectrum (red/green/blue/white) in a precise and stable manner. <
SCHOTT goes Family
Photo: SCHOTT/M. Bauer

Global Exchange

SCHOTT organized a global exchange program for the children of employees for the first time during the 2014 summer holidays. Under the slogan ”SCHOTT goes Family,” 30 teens spent two weeks in July and August with their exchange partners and their families abroad. The participants came from eight countries from all over the world. They lived with their host families and took part in everyday family life. Many of the families even organized trips and visits to other cities to share as many unique experiences as possible with their guests.

The goal of the program is to support intercultural understanding and cooperation. ”International experiences will be of much greater importance and value in an increasingly global-ized world,” notes Dr. Frank Heinricht, Chairman of the Board of Management of SCHOTT AG, in reference to SCHOTT’s first global Corporate Social Responsibility project. The exchange program will be offered every year in the future – with a larger number of participants due to the increased interest that is being shown. <

Tiny, but Robust

The world’s smallest completely autoclavable high-power LED is only two millimeters in diameter. SCHOTT now offers it as an illumination solution for use mainly in dental and medical technology devices such as dental handpieces, cameras, UV curing devices, endoscopes and surgical instruments. The mini LED opens up new design possibilities. In addition, the tiny light source can be guided closer to the area in need of examination. Thanks to its gas-tight housing made of inorganic materials that don’t age, this new development is extremely robust. Tests confirm that it stands up to chemicals, corrosion, pressure and shifts in temperature. <
Photo: SCHOTT/Designagentur Wagner

New website for CERAN®

The SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel has been given a new platform at the web address This portal offers information, tips and a blog on the world-famous product in various international languages on topics such as cooking with induction or cleaning tips and recommendations on how to take care of a CERAN® cooktop panel. The goal is to provide dealers and consumers with more information and service. They can even search for a dealer who offers appliances that come with SCHOTT CERAN® with just the click of a mouse, for example. By the way, the cooktop panel can also be found on the Internet at <