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Photo: Randy Larcombe

Wine and fire to enjoy

Dual chamber Jarrahdale wood fire with SCHOTT ROBAX® viewing panels in Australia’s Chain of Ponds Winery since 1985

Sarah Watson

A glass of wine, for many, is a moment of accepted decadence; whether it is complemented with good company, good food, or is simply a relaxing way to mark the end of the day, wine can evoke positive feelings. It is this sentiment that the award winning Australian boutique winery in Adelaide, Chain of Ponds, wants to emulate. The premium vineyard, situated in the picturesque
Adelaide Hills, has created a winery that is warm and welcoming in the winter, as well as in the summer. In the winter months, the balcony is warmed by the traditional wood fire, perfect for a cozy afternoon sipping a Chain of Ponds Shiraz or Pinot Noir. Central to its inviting ambience is a dual chamber Jarrahdale wood fire, perfectly positioned between the tasting room and the Balcony Café, that ensures that a comfortable temperature is enjoyed year round and entices visitors to follow the dancing flames as they walk through the cellar door and into the cafe. ”Nothing beats the cozy warmth that the fireplace produces or the endlessly fascinating sight of a beautiful fire,” says Graeme Thredgold (see picture on the left), General Manager of Chain of Ponds Winery. The double chamber fireplace has been specifically designed for such large open rooms.
The five red star winery is located near the old township of Chain of Ponds, in the heart of Adelaide Hills, where vineyards have been an integral part of the makeup of the area since colonization. Aptly named in 1864, Chain of Ponds is said to describe a creek that was dotted with small ponds, never drying up, in even the driest, hottest summers. Photo: Randy Larcombe
The unique feature of a wood fire between two wide-angled SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic viewing panels allows for unobstructed views of the flickering flames, while distributing maximum heat evenly to either side, providing the winery with a fireplace of effortless function and design. Thanks to its extremely low thermal expansion, neither high fire temperatures of up to 760°C nor considerable temperature changes can do harm to SCHOTT ROBAX® panels, ensuring a warm and safe feeling every day.

The Australian-made Jarrahdale wood fire has been the mainstay of the cellar door, installed in 1985 when the winery opened. The rustic fireplace, one of the first designs produced by Jarrahdale, provides not just warmth, but a beautiful focal point welcoming 7,000 visitors each year, having been lit every day from May to October for the past 30 years.

Jarrahdale, established in 1981, is a pioneering West Australian family company with award winning designed wood fireplaces. “We have been working together with SCHOTT for over three decades now and cherish this great partnership. It is our common spirit of innovation which drives us both to always develop new designs and features”, says Rowan Clare, Managing Director of Jarrahdale.
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