SCHOTT solutions no. 2/2013 > Design

As stylish as metal, as carefree as glass, this new surface offers the luxurious look of stainless steel combined with the ease of cleaning of glass in a smooth surface with no seams or joints. Photo: SCHOTT/A. Stephan

As Stylish as Metal

SCHOTT® MetalLook brings trendy design into the home. The new surface for use in household appliances or the operating panels of electric appliances combines the advantages of glass with the luxurious look of stainless steel.

Christina Rettig

Stainless steel decor has been popular in modern homes for quite some time. The naturally shimmering surfaces give any room order and structure. Nevertheless, traditional stainless steel surfaces are very sensitive. Fingerprints are left behind each time the surfaces are touched. And if anyone treats these surfaces too roughly, scratches can easily result.
Photo: SCHOTT/A. Stephan
This is where new SCHOTT® MetalLook, a smooth, modern glass surface with a stainless steel appearance, makes the most of its advantages. This glass material is much easier to keep clean because there aren’t any joints between the metal and the glass. This could be of particular benefit for oven doors. SCHOTT® MetalLook comes in a wide variety of different metallic color shades and brushed effects for a broad range of applications, such as ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, kitchen backsplashes, etc. Manufacturers will also appreciate the fact that this material requires less effort during the assembly process. This, in turn, simplifies manufacturing logistics and production processes.

Yet another advantage: SCHOTT® MetalLook allows for completely new design approaches. Fine logos, lines and symbols can be shown in a stainless steel effect and areas with a high gloss and a brushed metal look can be combined on the same glass. SCHOTT® MetalLook is perfectly suited for the user interfaces of high-quality home appliances. The new glass delivers more freedom of design because it allows for colored printing, matte and glossy surfaces, complex shapes and many corner radii.

SCHOTT developed a new, patent-pending technique for manufacturing MetalLook. This technology includes a multiphase process during which the structural effects and metal coating are applied. This allows for extremely thin lines of only 0.3 millimeters to be formed and large or small glass panes of up to 1600 x 800 millimeters in size to be designed.