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Xensation® Cover ITS is available in large sheet sizes of up to Gen. 6. Photo: SCHOTT/R. Weitnauer

Innovative Touch Solutions

Xensation® Cover ITS glass sheets allow for touch sensors and cover glass to be integrated into large sheets.

Dr. Haike Frank

Driven by the growing popularity of tablets and emerging applications for notebooks, the electronics and computer markets are increasingly relying on integrated touch technologies. In this case, touch sensors can be installed on the underside of the cover glass to avoid having to use an additional glass sheet as a carrier plate for the sensors, and consequently be able to manufacture thinner and lighter displays.
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This market has been booming since 2013. Technologies like OGS (One Glass Solution) in particular are gaining ground. According to KDB Daewoo Securities, the use of OGS in touch notebooks has more than quadrupled since last year alone from 12  to 65 percent and continues to rise. Growth was also observed with smartphones and tablets, but to a lesser extent.

We get an even clearer picture if we look at what is happening in Northeast Asia, where most of the touch panel manufacturers are based. According to DIGITIMES, Taiwanese manufacturers expect to see significant growth with lower cost OGS solutions for the entry level notebook market, and Chinese and Korean manufacturers are also looking to get a piece of the action. “Particularly with laptops, we have been seeing a clear trend toward less expensive OGS solutions,” says Lutz Grübel, responsible for global sales and marketing activities on behalf of the Xensation® brand family.

For the first time ever, at the Touch Panel & Optical Film Exhibition held in Taiwan in August, SCHOTT presented Xensation® Cover ITS (Integrated Touch Solution), its new product for touch panels that addresses the booming market for touch-sensitive displays with integrated touch technologies.

Xensation® Cover ITS is a chemically strengthened special-purpose glass that allows for integrated touch solutions by applying indium thin oxide (ITO) sensors to large sheets of glass up to size Gen. 6 (1500 mm x 1800 mm). This results in a robust solution for even thinner, less expensive mobile devices on the basis of aluminosilicate glass. Innovative devices with new designs that are both durable and reliable can now be manufactured more economically thanks to a more efficient process chain. <

By using Xensation® Cover ITS, manufacturers of mobile devices can now avoid having to use a glass sheet that contains the sensor in these devices. This means that even thinner, lighter smartphones, tablets and notebooks can be developed. Source: SCHOTT

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