Board of Management of SCHOTT AG: Dr. Frank Heinricht (Chairman, center), Klaus Rübenthaler (left) and Dr. Hans-Joachim Konz (right)
Dear readers,

Now as well as in the years to come, our technology group will continue to rely on its main strength, a broad portfolio of innovative products. Our unique know-how in the area of materials and advanced technologies enables us to develop intelligent solutions for various markets all over the world. And in our technology magazine “solutions,” we not only inform you as to what our
experts are working on in the field of specialty glass and materials and how they partner with customers, but also how today they
are already tackling the challenges of the future.

Innovative pharmaceutical vials, that allow for drugs to be packaged more safely are but one example of this. Or what about monolithic fiber plates that support progress in the area of digital x-ray technology? High-tech glass-ceramics are ideally suited for use in extreme applications in astronomy and lithography or as a dielectric in high-voltage technology. Our portfolio also includes safety glass laminates, high-performance optical filters that protect against harmful infrared radiation and innovative cover glasses for modern touch technologies.

But, SCHOTT’s broad range of products and materials opens up yet another field that spans from the universe all the way to
the nano world. Virtually all of our activities are accompanied by ­extensive research and development work and a constant flow of new ideas. This enables us to continually sharpen our profile as an expert in the best sense of the word, the leader in many market segments, an innovator and a source of inspiration to our customers and partners.

We wish you interesting and inspiring reading.
Dr. Frank Heinricht
Klaus Rübenthaler
Dr. Hans-Joachim Konz