Overview of the contents of solutions no. 2/2013


Accurate Predictions
A new mathematical model for calculating the strength of ZERODUR® glass-ceramic components provides better data on performance. Customers in fields such as aeronautics, astronomy and lithography stand to benefit. more


Research & Development 
Detective Work in the Nano World
SCHOTT researchers use a scanning electron microscope to observe and prepare even the smallest possible surface structures. more
Touch Panels
Innovative Touch Solutions
The special glass Xensation® Cover ITS allows for touch sensors to be integrated so that thinner mobile devices can be produced. more
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Minimizing Risks
SCHOTT is the first company to introduce pharmaceutical vials that minimize the risk of delamination. more
Electronic Components
Revolutionizing Communication in Space
Special, hermetic high-power RF packages help transmit data from the satellite ”Proba-V.” more
Glass laminates
For the first time ever, glass laminates were successfully tested against simultaneous multiple stresses from fire and bombardment. more
Filter Glasses
Don’t be Blinded
The new VG20 filter glass effectively protects both people and devices against harmful infrared radiation. more
Research & Development
Electrifying Glass-Ceramics
Glass-ceramic holds great promise when used as a dielectric material for high-voltage capacitors in power electronics. more
As Stylish as Metal
SCHOTT MetalLook combines the advantages of glass with the luxurious look of stainless steel to produce trendy surfaces for appliances. more
Digital X-Ray Systems
Smart Fiber Optics for Use in Modern Radiology
Optical fiber plates that offer high transmission and x-ray attenuation support the trend toward advanced x-ray technologies. more
Fiber Optics
Clockwork Communicator
SCHOTT fiber optics uses the model of a mechanical cell phone to develop an imaging system without a digital screen. more
Fireplace Viewing Panels
Wine and Fire to Enjoy
ROBAX® fireplace viewing panels enhance the enjoyment of a dual chamber fireplace at the Chain of Ponds Winery in Australia. more
Camera Lenses
Glass for Maximum Cinema Enjoyment
High-quality camera lenses from Cooke Optics shape the quality of motion pictures thanks also to optical glass from SCHOTT. more

Short stories
Additional articles from the world of SCHOTT
Hybrid chip for cell diagnostics: Sony DADC BioSciences, worldwide leader in the manufacturing of microstructered polymer products, and SCHOTT have bundled their know-how and developed a new glass-polymer object plate for high-resolution cell diagnostics, anti-reflective glasses protect masterpieces by Dürer, HelioJet receives approval for Airbus A320.   more