Overview of the contents of solutions no. 2/2012


Thin Glass
Ultra-thin and Talented
SCHOTT is the only company to date that manufactures an ultra-thin, flexible glass only 25 micrometers thick. This innovative material will be introduced shortly as ”glass on the roll.” more


Guiding Light with Precision
Nanostructuring of glass opens up innovative applications as a technology platform. more
Solar Power
One Million Solar Receivers
SCHOTT Solar has continuously improved its components for use in Concentrated Solar Power. more
Otto Schott Research Award 2012
Investigating the Blueprint of Glass
Prof. Adrian C. Wright and Prof. Joachim Deubener received the Otto Schott Research Award. more
Fit for Extreme Conditions
The high-performance glass-ceramic Nextrema™ offers options where other materials reach their limits. more
Flat Glass
Fresh Rolls from Intelligent Ovens
SCHOTT develops innovative glass solutions for commercial baking ovens from WIESHEU. more
Research and Technology
On the Road to True Electromobility
A funded research project drives the use of lithium-air technology in higher performance batteries. more
Electronic Packaging
Tailwind for Liquefied Gas
The new certification of components for liquefied gas pumps saves customers time and money. more
Place full of Emotions
TIKANA® glass imitates the look of the 1960s just perfectly in the renovated Palace of Tears in Berlin. more
Filter Glass
Blue Glass for Digital Eyes
Blue glasses deliver consistently high image quality in high resolution smartphone cameras. more
Light Art
Creating something new without replacing what is old
A Dutch light artist used DURATAN® tubing to produce “The Window of Your Eyes.” more
Short stories
Additional articles from the world of SCHOTT
Featuring: Prof. Udo Ungeheuer as the new VDI President, PURAVIS™ convinces: Successful launch of the highly pure optical glass fibre, SCHOTT and MORITEX present world’s smallest telecentric vision unit, a tube glass with rough edges, SCHOTT CERAN© is awarded, Otto Schott developes novel glass for science and technology as well as strong glass for smartphones. more