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Photo: Snyder´s Lance

Solar Powered Snacks

Snyder’s-Lance Inc. operates Pennsylvania’s largest ground-mounted solar farm.

Matthew Kraft

Nearly everyone enjoys sweet or salty snacks from time to time, whether it’s pretzels, cookies, or potato chips. As Snyder’s-Lance now demonstrates, making those delicious snacks can also benefit the environment. In the spring of 2011, SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc., together with local installer RMK Solar, completed the largest ground-based solar farm in the state of Pennsylvania.

Covering 26 acres, the 3.55 megawatt (MW) solar system will generate approximately 30 percent of Snyder’s-Lance’s annual power consumption. ”The solar farm shows the commitment that Snyder’s-Lance has made to creating snack products in a more sustainable way. Our goal has always been to make ‘better for you’ snacks and now they are also better for the earth as well,” explains Carl Lee, President and COO of Snyder’s-Lance. The 15,000 SCHOTT POLY® 235 modules were manufactured at SCHOTT Solar’s flagship facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Using local contractors to get the job done, RMK Solar was able to complete the project in only eight months. ”Our employees along with local contractors installed the system on schedule, despite difficult weather and challenging conditions,” explains Rob Kline, President of RMK Solar. SCHOTT Solar delivered U.S.-manufactured components on time and without defect.

By producing clean, renewable energy, in addition to its cost-saving benefits, the solar installation will significantly help Snyder’s-Lance achieve its environmental goals. Over the course of 25 years, the solar system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 111,328,402 miles not driven by an average medium-sized car. <|
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