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In the area of direct sales, SCHOTT Solar has signed supply contracts with a volume of more than 70 MWp in recent months. The industrial roof-mounted business, greenfield installations and the electrification of rural areas all offer immense development potential. Photo: SCHOTT Solar

Experts on Top Solar Projects

”SCHOTT Solar Power Projects” is successful in completing major projects for industrial and power plant customers all over the world and has received new orders from India, Thailand and Germany.

Martin Frey

The fast-growing photovoltaic market is subject to extreme dynamics. It is mainly the political conditions that are influencing its development in the respective target nations. For this reason, SCHOTT Solar is busy opening up other flexible sales channels. The project division ”SCHOTT Solar Power Projects” was established for this very purpose. The goal is to expand large volume sales channels and major projects of at least 500 kWp. Due to the fact that no dealer networks have been formed yet in these new markets, pilot projects, in particular, serve as door openers. SCHOTT Solar Power Projects offers direct sales to power plant customers, in addition to support in developing, realizing and selling photovoltaic power plants to investors.

”Expertise in realizing projects and an international sales network are two elements that are becoming more and more important.”

Dr. Martin Heming, SCHOTT Solar CEO

Photos: SCHOTT Solar
What will soon be a 15-member team of experts at SCHOTT Solar addresses primarily project developers, general contractors and strategic investors like utilities and independent power producers. The industrial on-roof business, greenfield installations and the electrification of rural areas all offer huge development potential.

”In the future, we are hoping to generate a significant share of SCHOTT Solar’s total sales through these sales channels,” says Burkhard Söhngen, Vice President of SCHOTT Solar Power Projects. In the meantime, generation of electricity in sunny regions with the help of photovoltaic power plants is already capable of competing with conventional ways of producing energy, even without any funding support. ”Nevertheless, photovoltaic power plants also make good sense for industrial customers in subsidized countries like Germany because they invest in a more secure supply and stable planning in the decades to come and also contribute to sustainability,” ­Soehngen explains. He also notes that markets in Germany ­remain attractive, thanks to the feed-in tariff called for by the Renewable Energy Sources Act, which still serves as an ­example for many countries.

Furthermore, the company is also following the solar market in Greece very closely and looking to Italy and Southeast ­Europe, Romania, Bulgaria, Central and South America as well as the United States. SCHOTT Solar Power Projects is inter­disciplinary in structure in order to be able to react to market demands more flexibly and quickly. The departments project development and sales, systems and technology, but also financing and structuring are all able to make use of SCHOTT ’s international sales network and local project developers.
Photo: SCHOTT Solar
In the area of direct sales, supply contracts with a volume of more than 70 MWp have been signed over the last few months, for instance, a record order of 200,000 SCHOTT ASI® modules (output amounting 20 MWp) from the Indian partner Premier Solar, and a large order from Thailand for 67,000 solar modules with an output of 15.9 MWp. These customers were convinced by SCHOTT Solar’s strong commitment to quality and the long service lives of its solar modules that many different tests have shown.

The company is also lending its support to developing and realizing projects with an output of more than 15 MWp in ­Germany (including 3 MWp on roofs from SCHOTT), France and Italy. Soehngen: ”We are very interested in establishing further contacts to investors and power plant customers.”
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