SCHOTT solutions no. 2/2009 > short stories

Photo: Millennium

Not a mirage

The huge groundbreaking project Desertec that stands for building solar thermal power plants in the deserts of Africa and Arabia in order to be able to supply renewable energy to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa one day soon is symbolically reflected by this large solar collector in a parabolic trough power plant. <|
Photo: SCHOTT/T. Hauser

Improved Position in South America

Medical Glass and diesca are now SCHOTT Envases Argentina
SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging expanded its business in South America with the acquisition of part of the pharmaceutical packaging business of Medical Glass S.A. and DIESCA S.A. in Argentina. The two companies based in Buenos Aires now trade under the name SCHOTT Envases Argentina S.A. Medical Glass is Argentina’s market leader in ampoules and glass vials, DIESCA mainly manufactures ampoules. With this acquisition, the company is striving to improve its access to the South and Central American pharmaceutical market valued at 50 billion dollars, which, according to a study, will grow by 9.9 percent per year until 2013. <|

Three Supplier Awards

Pharmaceutical company Kalbe Farma honors SCHOTT Igar Glass repeatedly
Kalbe Farma, the largest pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia, recognized SCHOTT Igar Glass with the “Best Vendor Award” for primary pharmaceutical packaging. This is the third award for exceptional delivery performance on quality, innovation and logistics that the company has received this year, next to the “Right Quantity Award” and the “Right Delivery Award”. During the award ceremony, this honor was referred to as an expression of the high level of trust that these two companies based in Jakarta, Indonesia, have developed over the years. <|

Artistic Play of Colors

SCHOTT architectural glasses add style to recreation center
Georgette Agutte painted her most beautiful works in Bonnières-sur-Seine, France. The new recreation center named after her there picks up on the artist’s Impressionist style from the Belle Époque once again in the wall made of glass that immerses the center’s garden in a colorful play of color and light. Two architectural glasses from SCHOTT play a key role in setting the stage for this architectural presentation: the structured glass Artista® that comes in many different colors was used together with the semi-transparent reflective glass Mirona – a combination that creates exciting effects. <|

Top Quality and Sustainable

Quality from SCHOTT Solar convinces Italy’s largest energy supplier
Italy’s largest energy supplier Enel has presented SCHOTT Solar AG with the Certificate for Quality and Sustainability in the manufacturing of solar modules. In order to even be considered as a supplier to Enel, a company must be able to meet all of the points of a rather rigid list of criteria. To ensure this, Enel carefully examines the manufacturing techniques and compliance with standards, in addition to the manufacturing sites themselves. Only in 2008, SCHOTT Solar signed a multi-year contract to supply the subsidiary with high-quality crystalline modules. <|
Photo: Gasometer Oberhausen/T. Machoczek

Magic Moments in Astronomy

Glasses from SCHOTT enrich a fascinating exhibition at the Gasometer Oberhausen
The “largest moon on Earth”, which is 25 meters in diameter, is an impressive model of the international space station ISS, complete with genuine moon dust. With exhibits like these, the exhibition entitled “Out of this World – Wonders of the Solar System” turns the cosmos into a truly sensual experience. The Gasometer Oberhausen and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have now extended this interesting exhibition that commemorates the international year of astronomy until the end of 2010. SCHOTT is also represented with a mirror substrate made of Zerodur® glass-­ceramic and round blanks made of optical glass. These products usually cannot be seen in the final application, since they are installed inside large telescopes, for example. Thus, hexagonal Zerodur® mirror elements can be assembled to form so-called mirror substrates with diameters up to 40 meters. To date, five of the world’s six large segmented telescopes already use Zerodur® glass-ceramic in this way. The lenses that are also being exhibited are made of optical glass with high homogeneity and find application in cameras and spectrographs that are used further downstream from the telescope. <|

Premiere in France

Meeting point for seniors bears ASI® solar modules
They generate renewable power and yet provide daylight inside the rooms – and this is exactly why they are being put to use in France for the first time: semi-transparent ASI® THRU photovoltaic modules from SCHOTT Solar. On top of the roof of the meeting place for seniors in the Paris suburb of Romainville, these thin-film modules are now leveraging all of the advantages that they offer in the ASI® OPAK version, as well: good power output even at higher temperatures, a homogeneous appearance and availability in different shapes. This last aspect made it possible to handle the rather difficult installation on three roofs that don’t have any right angles. <|

SCHOTT Chronicle

First book with a glass-ceramic binding
SCHOTT has published a comprehensive company chronicle entitled “SCHOTT 1884 – 2009. From a Glass Laboratory to a Technology Group” on the occasion of its 125th anniversary (from left: co-author, Dr. Jürgen Steiner; Chairman of the Board, Prof. Udo Ungeheuer and main author, Dieter Kappler). Written in journalistic style and enhanced with photographs, quotes and anecdotes, the chronicle spans from the company’s beginnings in Jena under its founder Otto Schott to the modernization process in more recent years. The SCHOTT Chronicle is available in bookstores, but only in German (price: 50 euros). It is the first book in the world to be bound in a glass-ceramic. <|