Overview of the contents of solutions no. 2/2009


Environmental Protection
Getting Greener
SCHOTT has been committed to setting the highest standards for sustainable environmental and climate protection for many years. The company pursues this strategy by improving its environmentally friendly materials, products and processes, such as thin glasses for use in microscopy. More


Flagship under the Star-Spangled Banner
The Duryea site has been setting important milestones for SCHOTT in the U.S. for 40 years. More
An X-ray View of the Universe
SCHOTT supplied Duran® glass tubes for the mirror components in the x-ray telescope Astro-H. More
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Innovative Antibiotics in High-Quality Packaging
”TopLine” vials meet the demands that Wyeth pharmaceutical company places on a packaging solution. More
Solar Initiative
Solar Power from the Desert
The aim of the Desertec initiative is to supply the EUMENA region with power from solar power plants. More
Fireplace Viewing Panels
Design for Flaming Experiences
Robax® glass-ceramic viewing panels offer plenty of ways to design fireplaces in a creative manner. More
Look into the Nano-Cosmos
The fruitful cooperation between Leica Microsystems and SCHOTT can be seen in high-end microscopy. More
Solar Telescope
”Sunrise” over Arctic Ice
A primary mirror made of Zerodur® glass-ceramic from SCHOTT is at the heart of the solar telescope. More
Fire Protection
Glass Bodyguard for Sparky’s Heroes
The new glass-ceramic Pyran® Platinum sets accents in North America’s fire protection market. More
Sensor Technology
Sensors Help Save Fuel
The development of a new housing for SAW sensors improves the fuel efficiency in automobiles. More
Flat glass
Stylish and Easy to Clean
Sinks that include flat glass are setting new design trends in kitchens. More
Glass-ceramic cooktop panels
Simply doing more
SCHOTT Ceran® is starting a rather unique B-to-B innovation campaign. More
Short stories
Additional articles from the world of SCHOTT
Featuring ”Three Supplier Awards”, ”Artistic Play of Colors”, some
”Magic Moments in Astronomy”, a ”Premiere in France” and the
”SCHOTT Chronicle’. More