Solar modules in use at a hospital ward in Senegal. Until now, employees experienced power failures several times each day. Now, photovoltaic modules from SCHOTT Solar and a backup system ensure a reliable power supply. Photos: SCHOTT
Thilo Horvatitsch

Solar Power Helps Africa

Pilot project with SCHOTT Solar secures energy supply for a hospital ward in Senegal

In October, the first solar emergency power system for a ­hospital ward in Senegal was inaugurated in the presence of high-ranking representatives of politics and other institutions in Baïla, located in the southern Senegalese province of Casamance. This means the companies involved, SCHOTT Solar, SMA and KAïTO, helped in taking the first step towards introducing solar power on the sunny African continent. In the long run, this will also benefit the economic structure in rural regions.

The photovoltaic (PV) modules from SCHOTT Solar are integrated into a backup system that will continue to supply electricity even if there is a power failure. The ward in Baïla serves as an important point of contact for medical care in the region. Therefore, patients, doctors and the individuals ­responsible really must be able to rely on functional lighting and technical devices.

Other solar projects are also planned, for example, a franchise chain of rural power kiosks that are equipped with a ­central PV loading station for frequently used battery-based applications, like lamps and cell phones.