Kitchen Design

Glass fronts in kitchens – especially with metallic effects – are the new trend. SCHOTT offers matching flat glasses for various home appliances, such as ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers. This gives the kitchen a much more attractive and harmonious appearance. Photo: Royalty-Free/Corbis
Gina Hardebeck

Brighter Days for the Kitchen

Metallic effects and a new design line for household appliances now allow the kitchen to shine.

Plain, hidden behind a door, certainly not a room to be proud of – this used to be the kitchen. For quite some time, however, the trend has been moving towards kitchens as open rooms that unite the kitchen and the dining room in a stylish manner and serve as the central meeting point for everyday life. This is not only where the family meets for dinner, but also a place to talk, cook together and enjoy cozy evenings.

In addition to the trend towards open rooms, designers state that people are now much more interested in custom designing their own kitchens by adding emotions and esthetic aspects. And kitchen and household appliance manufacturers are ­responding to this trend by offering high-end designs, special lighting effects and luxurious materials. Metallic and stainless steel kitchen appliances add that very special touch. SCHOTT Flat Glass, the world’s leading manufacturer of glasses for the home appliance industry, offers a wide variety of glasses with metallic effects as part of its product line and is, thus, perfectly in tune with the current trend. Designers and kitchen appliance manufacturers can choose between various metallic effects in customized color shades.

Kitchen manufacturers also support those who prefer more color. In addition to kitchen fronts in colors like cream, chocolate and other coffee-like shades that provide a pleasant atmosphere, bright colors light up the kitchen in the morning. Rooms shine with greater clarity, when all of the appliances have a homogeneous high-end appearance and there is no ­disturbance caused by different colors and materials.

SCHOTT Flat Glass offers matching glass fronts for the ­different appliances and, thus, supports household appliance manufacturers in creating a harmonious look for the kitchen by offering integrated design lines. Here, for instance, the design and color of the oven is used for fronts of refrigerators and also for doors of dishwashers. Glass fronts in the kitchen are the new trend and give modern kitchens a high-end look.
Comprehensive service

Customers in the household appliance industry are asking for customized solutions that allow them to differentiate in the marketplace by offering products that are distinctly different. Thanks to its long years of experience as a supplier of processed glasses to the home appliance industry, SCHOTT truly benefits from its technological expertise and offers the complete product range, including all the glasses for baking ovens (front, middle and inner doors, as well as control panels) as well as shelves and glass fronts for refrigerators. Finally, complete doors for wine coolers round off the product line. The SCHOTT product line includes a wide variety of different glass materials, for example colored, tinted or reflective glasses, all of them ­designed to meet special requirements. Functional glasses, for instance coated inner glasses for ovens that reflect the heat back into the oven cavity, round off the product range. SCHOTT ­continues to develop its flat glass solutions and products in ­order to not only meet trends in time, but also to set trends in the market to support its home appliance customers as the ­innovative and reliable partner.

SCHOTT offers more than just technological expertise, ­innovations and unique customer solutions, it processes glasses for the home appliance industry anywhere in the world – ­regardless of where the customers are based. With 17 production plants in 13 countries and more than 3,000 employees, SCHOTT Flat Glass offers its global customers local service, flexibility and quick delivery times. In living up to its motto, ”We are at home worldwide with production and sales in close proximity to our customers,” SCHOTT followed its key customers in ­making the leap to Russia last year.