Overview of the contents of solutions no. 2/2008

Cooktop Panels
Pure Glass Ceramic
SCHOTT produces the world’s first and only cooktop panels without utilizing the toxic heavy metals arsenic and antimony. [more]
Research and Development
Networks for the Future
Modern researchers do more than just laboratory work. They are both global networkers and project managers. This is how research at SCHOTT cultivates promising future business fields to secure its competitiveness. [more]
Solar Energy
Power Plants of a New Dimension
The first of three AndaSol power plants has now gone live in the south of Spain. SCHOTT provided the receivers. [more]
Concentrated Solar Power
Solar Receiver from Spain
SCHOTT puts the new receiver plant in Aznalcóllar into operation.
A study shows high customer satisfaction. [more]
Clear View of the Game
Amiran® panels serve as transparent ”safety rails” at the University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Arena and offer a much clearer view of the court. [more]
Subtle Flight Attendant
The demand for more comfortable interior designs is growing all over the world, especially inside long distance airplanes. A fictitious flight illustrates the developments that passengers can soon look forward to – thanks to components from SCHOTT. [more]
SCHOTT and Aviation
Every passenger flying inside an Airbus or Boeing comes into contact with products from  schott, either directly or indirectly: innovative lighting solutions offer attractive design and pleasant light conditions, optoelectronic components and glass-to-metal connections higher safety. [more]
Outsmarting Mother Nature
For four decades, Zerodur® glass ceramic has been offering the highest possible precision. [more]
”Astronomy enriches our everyday life”
Tim de Zeeuw, General Director of the European Southern Observatory, on the universe and what we can learn from it. [more]
Kitchen Design
Brighter Days for the Kitchen
Metallic effects and a new design line for household appliances now allow the kitchen to shine. [more]
Material Science
A Surprise to the Scientific World
Material researchers have long believed that ceramics are not suited for use as laser light sources. This year’s Otto SCHOTT Research Award winner, Dr. Akio Ikesue, proved them all wrong. [more]
Solar Power Helps Africa
Pilot project with SCHOTT Solar secures energy supply for a hospital ward in Senegal [more]
Phamaceutical Packaging
High-End with ”TopLine”
The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly turning to customized solutions in the area of primary pharmaceutical packaging. The ”TopLine” products meet even the highest demands for quality. [more]
Electronic Packaging
Seals for Gas made from Glass
Glass-to-metal feedthroughs from SCHOTT Electronic Packaging seal off the pumps of liquefied gas tankers. [more]
Global Journey to Stone Treasures
5,000 rare minerals make ”terra mineralia” one of the largest and most significant exhibitions of its kind. [more]
Interior Design
Transparent Anonymity
The Spanish architect Eduardo Arroyo uses glass tubing from SCHOTT for interior design. [more]
Short stories
Additional articles from the world of SCHOTT
Among the rest, about the light cover from ”Opalika” in the Liebieghaus Frankfurt, an honour of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and a new work in Suzhou in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. [more]