Short stories of SCHOTT solutions no. 2/2007

An All-purpose Filter: Progressive interference filters from schott are well-suited for use in areas such as analytic science, environmental analytics, biotechnology, genetic technology and fluorescence measuring applications. However, manufacturing these socalled »Veril« Filters requires specialized expertise in colored glass, as well as thin-film technologies, in order to allow various colors from the spectrum to be absorbed, reflected or permitted to pass through. In this way, the transmittance characteristics can be influenced to permit only defined wavelengths to pass through specific positions on the filter. (Photo: C. Costard)
Silver for »solutions«
Customer magazine convinces with its design and style [more]
Joint Manufacturing of Solar Wafers
SCHOTT and Wacker Chemie AG cooperate [more]
25 Years in Singapore
SCHOTT Sales Office – the driving force for the entire region [more]
»Nevada Solar One« Provides Solar Electricity
Solar thermal power plant features receivers from SCHOTT [more]
Flat Glass for Russia
New SCHOTT location focuses on the household appliance industry [more]
Aggressive Expansion in U.S. Solar Market
SCHOTT Solar to expand production [more]
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