Overview of the contents of solutions no. 2/2007

SOFIA project
Observatory Inside a Jumbo Jet
A flying telescope will be forging ahead to the limits of the Earth’s atmosphere. From here, astronomers hope to gain a clear view of the universe. [more]
Glass Ceramic Cooktop Panels
New Perspective on Cooking
Shiny metallic Ceran Cleartrans® cooktops in various colors now make it possible to create the link between popular lifestyle trends and modern technology. [more]
Dental Glasses
Ultra Pure Glass for Teeth
Extremely fine glass powder from SCHOTT provides greater stability and density to high-quality composite dental fillings. A patented grinding technique ensures that the ultra fine grains are also highly transparent. [more]
China Gazes into Space
The Lijiang Telescope is the world’s largest automatically controlled eye looking into the sky. Zerodur® glass ceramic from SCHOTT is used as the mirror substrate. [more]
Fiberoptic Lighting
Magical Light
Bisbee, the stronghold of the American copper industry, had to wait for years to hold its own mineral exhibition. Thanks to the generous assistance of the Smithsonian Institution, as well as private donations, the Bisbee Museum now showcases these minerals. [more]
Materials Research
Outstanding Models
The dynamics of atoms inside glass and computer simulations that make it possible to project the physical properties of materials are the main focuses of the researchers who were recognized with the Otto SCHOTT Research Award 2007. [more]
Solar telescope
Watchful Eye on the Sun
Researchers at the »Big Bear Solar Observatory« (BBSO) in California are looking to obtain new insights on the activities of our most important heavenly body. [more]
Constructive Cooperation
Dr. Philip R. Goode, Director of the Big Bear Solar Observatory, on the importance of observing the sun. [more]
Customer Support
Technological Trailblazer in Asia
By offering more support to customers, partners and SCHOTT divisions in Asia, the Application Center Asia (ACA), with its network of experts, acts as a problem solver when it comes to developing applications. [more]
Atmospheric Research
Searching for Traces Beyond the Clouds
Researchers use high purity synthetic fused silica from SCHOTT LITHOTEC to research the atmosphere. [more]
Solar Energy
Houses as Power Plants
Europe’s first Plus Energy housing estate in Weiz (Austria) runs on solar technology from SCHOTT and was recognized with the Austrian Solar Award 2007. [more]
Art with Glass
Complex Glass Artworks of Great Depth
Roni Horn’s sculptures are characterized by perfection and precision. One of the world’s leading contemporary artists, she combines these properties inherent in glass with its transparency and plasticity to form sensitive reflections. [more]
Short stories
Additional articles from the world of SCHOTT
E.g. about the joint production of solar wafers, "A Filter for all Purposes", 25 years of SCHOTT in Singapore, and "Nevada Solar One" produces solar energy.